The Beautiful Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley or the Baspa Valley starts at Karcham and ends at Chitkul. Sangla is the major town in the valley with having petrol pump, Bank ATMs, Post Office, Restaurants, Bar, mid range hotels and shops. The Sangla valley is surrounded by forested slopes and offers views of the high mountains. Its location in the greater Himalayan Range gives it a milder climate than the plains. Until 1989 outsiders could not enter the sangla valley without a special permit from the Government of India, due to its strategic position on the Indo-Tibet/China border. The Baspa River flows in the Sangla Valley which is rich in apple orchards, apricot, Wall-nut, Cedar trees, and glacial streams with trout. The main villages in the Sangla valley villages include Chitkul, Rakcham, Batseri, Themgarang, Kamru, and Sapni. The nearby Baspa hydel project has been completed in 2009. Besides the natural beauty of Great Himalaya Kamru Fort, Mata Devi Temple & Bearing Nag Temples are the main attractions of the Valley.


A glimpse of Sangla valley from Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham

A glimpse of Sangla valley from Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham


There are several hotels around the town to stay at Sangla Valley. But, if you really wish to enjoy the beauty and charm of Sangla Valley, its better to stay into the wild, as there are several tent accommodation offered by many agencies in the heart of the valley. But, these tented accommodation generally cost much more than the hotel.The best place where you can enjoy the nature as well as catch a view of the whole Sangla valley is Hotel Apple Pie  located in Rakcham village 9 Kms ahead of the main sangla town.


Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham in Sangla Valley

Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham in Sangla Valley



Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

Kinnaur, surrounded by the Tibet to the east, is in the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh, about 235 km (146 mi) from the state capital, Shimla. It has three high mountains ranges, namely, Zanskar, Himalayas and Dhauldhar that enclose valleys of Sutlej ,Spiti and Baspa and their tributaries. The slopes are covered with thick wood, orchards, fields and picturesque hamlets. The much religious Shivling lies at the peak of Kinnaur Kailash mountain. The district was opened for the outsiders in 1889. The old Hindustan Tibet road passes through the Kinnaur valley along the bank of river Sutlej and finally enters Tibet at Shipki La pass.

It is not only the scenic beauty which appeals to the young and old alike but also the life styles of the people, their culture, heritage, customs and traditions. The people have strong culture and beliefs, generally follow Buddhism and Hinduism, believing the Pandavas came and resided in the land while in the exile<kamru village>. Thousands-year-old monasteries still exist in the area. Buddhists and Hindus live in harmony symbolising the traditional brotherhood and friendship of the people of both the faiths. Apples, chilgoza (chestnut) and other dry fruits are grown here. The high terrain here facilitates adventures and sports. Trekking routes include the ‘Parikarma of Kinnaur Kailash’.

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You can visit this beautiful valley throughout major part of the year but in winters things get very tough and heavy snowfall makes it inaccessible sometimes too. But, apart from peak winters Kinnaur Valley including Kalpa and Sangla Valley can be visited rest of the year without much fuss. It is important to note that monsoon is not the right time to be in Kinnaur Valley due to common landslides and worse roads, so in any caseavoid monsoons The best time when monsoon just resides away and you might still see some apple orchards loaded with apples with clear skies in the background. Also, Chitkul becomes inaccessible at the time of peak winters, so please avoid going there in late winters without knowing the weather conditions. One snowfall can trap you for months in Chitkul :)… In case you are going in Apple Season, that is around Late July or August in Kinnaur Valley then be ready for massive mess of trucks traffic too along with rains.

There are plenty of options available to stay both in Kalpa as well as Rakcham in Sangla Valley.Hotel Apple Pie Kalpa as well as Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham are one of the best accomodations available in the whole Kinnaur Valley.

The beautiful Kinnaur


the beautiful kinnaur

The beautiful kinnaur is a mountanious district in himachal pradesh.As it is  always said that mountains have music for those who listen,the beautiful kinner kailash ranges of Kinnaur district always act as an immortal source of beauty for the travellers.

Hotel Apple Pie which is located facing the mighty Kinner Kailash range in Kalpa, is one of the best hotels located in the region as rated by the travellers.The views that it offers can kindle the flame of admiration in any of the persons, even the one who is not a frequent traveller to himalayas. Check out a snap for the view that Hotel Apple Pie Kalpa offers to its guests.Hotel apple pie is located in the beautiful kinnaur.

hotel en route 017

the beautiful kinnaur

Among all the other Hotels in Kalpa, Hotel Apple Pie has an edge over them in comparison to hygiene,food or sleep quality.IT is among one of the budget hotels that proves far ahead of its tag as a budget hotel.It is located in the natures paradise where one can just spend days sitting in front of the  beautiful snow clad ranges.the beautiful kinnaur attracts a lot of travellers from all over the world.

For more gallery and packages of both our hotels, i.e  Hotel Apple Pie Kalpa and Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham you can log on to and contact us any time.No one can help you explore the beautiful kinnaur better than us.

One of the best hotels in Kalpa

Hotels in kalpa

According to the reviews based on tripadvisor,Hotel Apple Pie Kalpa and Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham are awarded the tags of best hotels at both the places.Both the hotels serve the best among its class,whether its value for money or for sleep.The  locations of both the hotels is the best in kalpa and in sangla valley.Among all the other hotels in kalpa,Hotel apple pie serves the best to its customers and tries its best to satisfy them.

Hotel apple pie ( hotels in kalpa)

Hotel apple pie (

The hotels in kalpa are for the travellers who do not seek luxury in their lives.They are not of a star category but just serve the need ful.Kalpa is just a small hamlet situated in kinnaur district of himachal pradesh. A person who is willing to spend his holidays in kalpa should know that there are not many hotels.If a person arrives during the peak season it might become very difficult to find a room in any of the hotels in kalpa.

hotel apple pie during winters ( hotels in kalpa)

hotel apple pie during winters

The hotels in kalpa are being run seasonally.Almost all the hotels in kalpa close down for winters as there is heavy snowfall around.If the hotels in kalpa would not be closed some damage can be made to the washrooms.

hotel apple pie kalpa- hotels in kalpa

hotel apple pie kalpa-

Hotel Apple pie is among one of the best hotels in kalpa. It is also being awarded by tripadvisor .almost all the hotels  are similar to one other.You can compare between the different hotels  on tripadvisor.

view from hotel apple pie ( hotels in kalpa)

view from hotel apple pie



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