Packages for Himachal INDIA

Best Packages for Himachal India, from New Delhi

Hotel Apple Pie India offers best Packages for Himachal INDIA. Himachal Pradesh is a most beautiful hill state in India, located in north-west region of western Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is landlocked with the Tibetan plateau to the east, Jammu and Kashmir to the north, and the Punjab to the west gives you an opportunity to view the most scenic / iconic beauty.

Note for international tourists:
Some tourists always looking for customizable packages for himachal india so we always make pakages rom new delhi india.

In Himachal Pradesh, there are variety of hill stations like- Kasauli, Kufri, Manali, Shimla, Palampur and Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Kandaghat, Khajjiar, Koti, Mashobra, Naldehra, Palampur, Parwanoo, Shilon Bagh as you get during Himachal Pradesh Holiday. Travel to the magnificent cities of Himachal Pradesh and stay at some of the nice hotel Apple Pie & Group in Himachal Pradesh and have a memorable family holiday with Hotel Apple Pie Group India. 

Hotel Apple Pie & Group, also providing complete customized tour packages for himachal pradesh, India. If you are looking for any specific requirements like Biking Tours / Trekking Tours / adventure tour, Hotel Apple Pie can also provide these kind of tour packages. We always try to create guest friendly tour packages for our guests. For our International Guests, to create a hassle free & friendly packages for himachal India, we always start our tour packages for himachal pradesh from Delhi, India.

If you are looking for custom made packages for himachal india please contact hotel apple pie or you can check our all the standard Packages for Himachal Pradesh from New Delhi, India.

If you want to ask any question about packages for himachal India from New Delhi You can email your query at OR you can chat on our skype ID: hotelapplepie or you can call on +91-8860688496 / +91-8894579727. We will surely suggest you best custom package for Himachal India.

The Beautiful Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley or the Baspa Valley starts at Karcham and ends at Chitkul. Sangla is the major town in the valley with having petrol pump, Bank ATMs, Post Office, Restaurants, Bar, mid range hotels and shops. The Sangla valley is surrounded by forested slopes and offers views of the high mountains. Its location in the greater Himalayan Range gives it a milder climate than the plains. Until 1989 outsiders could not enter the sangla valley without a special permit from the Government of India, due to its strategic position on the Indo-Tibet/China border. The Baspa River flows in the Sangla Valley which is rich in apple orchards, apricot, Wall-nut, Cedar trees, and glacial streams with trout. The main villages in the Sangla valley villages include Chitkul, Rakcham, Batseri, Themgarang, Kamru, and Sapni. The nearby Baspa hydel project has been completed in 2009. Besides the natural beauty of Great Himalaya Kamru Fort, Mata Devi Temple & Bearing Nag Temples are the main attractions of the Valley.


A glimpse of Sangla valley from Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham

A glimpse of Sangla valley from Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham


There are several hotels around the town to stay at Sangla Valley. But, if you really wish to enjoy the beauty and charm of Sangla Valley, its better to stay into the wild, as there are several tent accommodation offered by many agencies in the heart of the valley. But, these tented accommodation generally cost much more than the hotel.The best place where you can enjoy the nature as well as catch a view of the whole Sangla valley is Hotel Apple Pie  located in Rakcham village 9 Kms ahead of the main sangla town.


Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham in Sangla Valley

Hotel Apple Pie Rakcham in Sangla Valley



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