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The land of unseen and hidden treasures,Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti, are one of the  most scenic and desired travel destinations in India.The journey begins when one leaves the plains from Chandigarh and start their travel uphill towards the capital city of the mountain state Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. Kinnaur is located further 225 kms from the capital city with its state boundries beginning just before Bhawanagar. The road that leads to this beautiful and lush green district gives a joy to the rider himself.

Himachal Pradesh Kinnaur

Road Leading to Kinnaur

For some people it can be a perilous journey while for some it can be a joy forever.As you cross Wangtu dam built on the Sutlej river, the landscape changes completely.The green valleys suddenly surround you from both the sides and you start moving further uphill.The first major diversion comes at Karchham Dam from where one road leads to the very famous Sangla Valley and heads upto the last village of India before Tibet,Chitkul crossing the famous Rakcham village enroute. This valley is an abode for nature lovers with with massive glaciers in the surroundings and Apple orchards enclosing it.There are a plennty of options to stay at sangla but most recommended is Rakcham village that is situated in the middle of Sangla and Chitkul.The views are phenomenal and breathtaking from the village. The village offers a number of adventure sports like rapelling,mountain climbing and trekking.Hotel Apple Pie is located at a serene location and offers a neat and clean accomodation with a variety of cuisines.

The other beautiful destination is Kalpa that is located 10 kms uphill from the district headquarters Rekong Peo. It is again a beautiful village offering an unobjected view of the majestic Kinner Kailash range that is considered to be the winter abode of lord Shiva. It is snow clad throughout the year with massive glaciers giving it a protective shield.

The weather of Kinnaur is cold throughout and wollens are required at any time of travel.





Kinner Kailash Parikarma , Kinnaur

KINNER KAILASH PARIKARMA – CHARANG GHATI *Common Trek* — Trekking package for himalayan, himachal pradesh, INDIA

Group Size Minimum Of 4 Persons To Maximum Of 12 Persons, Trekking Of 5 Days & Taxi/Bus Of 1 Day And Trekking Of Minimum 5 Hours To Maximum 7 Hours Each Day

( Depend Upon On Trekkers ) With Medical First Aid During The Tour And Tour Duration Of 6 Days

  • Day 1 : Breakfast, Start From Reckong Peo To Charang By Trekking And Over Night Stay, Diner At Charang
  • Day 2 : Breakfast, Start From Charang To Charang Monastery By Trekking And Over Night Stay, Diner At Charang Monastery
  • Day 3 : Breakfast, Start From Charang Monastery To Lalanti By Trekking And Over Night Stay, Diner At Lalanti
  • Day 4 : Breakfast, Start From Lalanti To La Base Camp By Trekking And Over Night Stay, Diner At La Base Camp
  • Day 5 : Breakfast, Start From La Base Camp To Chitkul By Trekking And Over Night Stay, Diner At Chitkul
  • Day 6 : Breakfast, Start From Chitkul To Reckong Peo By Taxi/Bus And Tour End At Reckong Peo



  • Package – “A” Normal @ Rs.3,500/- Per Day- 6 Days
  • Package – “B” Medium @ Rs.4,500/- Per Day- 6 Days

* Trekking Of 5 Days & Taxi/Bus Of 1 Day =6 Days
* Group Size Min Of 4 Persons & Max Of 12 Persons
* Trekking Of Minimum 5 & Maximum 7 Hours Each Day


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Hotel Apple Pie located in Kalpa & Rakcham (Sangla Valley) district Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh, INDIA. Himachal Pradesh is also knows as Himalayas/Himalayan because of its beauty of Mountains and valleys.

We started this blog for the tourists or people who wants to know more about Himachal pradesh or Himalayan. We will try our best and will post more interesting facts and real picture of Himachal Pradesh.

So enjoy Hotel Apple Pie Blog and leave your valuable comments / views so that we can make improvements in our hotels also.

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