Tribal Circuit of Himachal Pradesh

Tribal Circuit of Himachal Pradesh

Tribal Circuit is located in the magnificent and beautiful State of Himachal Pradesh. You can enjoy the scenic landscape of river valleys, snow capped peaks, high passes, icy lakes, and have a look at the glaciers. The place is full of temples and you might come across priests, monasteries, lamas, and yaks.

Some of the places that are included in this circuit are Shimla, Sangla, Kalpa, Tabo, Dhankar, Kaza, and Pin Valley and others.

Tribal Circuit


Located in Himachal Pradesh, it is known to be the land of beauty, where everything you see will mesmerize you. The beautiful mountain terrain, remarkable valley, orchard farms, and cold desert mountains are some of the things that will have enchanting affect on you. This place is also quite well known for flora and fauna, which is nowhere else. There are quite a few valleys that have always attracted tourists from all over the country.


Kalpa is another place in this circuit located at the height of 2578 meters above sea level. Here the tourists can enjoy the view of magnificent peaks and mountains. Every site is beautiful and will steal your heart. Recong Peo, Kothi, Riba and Sangla valley are some of the interesting places that are worth visiting here.


Shimla is a beautiful hill town that is located at the height of 2788 meters above sea level. It has been quite famous since British era. There are many beautiful hotels, valleys, and tourists places that are worth visiting here. Due to pleasant climate, it is still the most favorite destinations’ of the country. It is usually chosen by honeymooners and picnickers. The Kinner Kailash range and other mountain ranges make it more memorable. One of the spectacular scenes that you can never miss here is the one where the sun rays touch the peak of snow capped mountains. The closest airport to this place is like 267 kilometers away from this place. Apart from that you can always hire private taxis and also board State transport to reach this place. You can also reach this place via Kalpa –Manali or Rohtang Pass route. The winters here are extremely cold, so the perfect time to visit the place is in the beginning of the year.


This peaceful and beautiful place is located at the height of 3600 meters above the sea level. Also it is located on the banks of the famous River Spiti. The name has been given by both India and Tibet, due to the tie up between both of them.  It is one of the coldest regions, so you need to be very careful while planning to visit this place. The place is surrounded by beautiful mountains and peaks that makes it all more interesting and worth visiting. The valleys, snow covered mountain peaks, and green valley all are beautiful and attract people always. Since ancient times, this place is believed to be a place where Gods and Goddesses resided. The beauty of the place and its majestic scenic beauty authenticate this version. Some of the places that are close to it are Manali, Kulu, and Shimla. So you can plan an extended holiday and visit all these places at the same time. The climate here is extremely cold during winters, and barely gets any rainfall. The region gets water from melting snow, and during winter the temperature sometimes goes down the freezing point. So if you are planning to visit this place take along with you good warm clothes that will keep you secured. Some of the interesting places that are worth visiting here are Tabo, Key Gomap, Dhankar, and Chander Tal Lake. This lake is known to be one of the most beautiful lakes in whole Himachal Pradesh.


This is another place that is located at height of 2250 meters. The place is quite exciting and has good numbers of mountains, peaks, and valleys that look beautiful throughout the season.  This place can be easily reached through roadways and it is quite close to Manali, which is 115 kms away from this place. It can be reached by air also whereby the nearest airport is located 175 Km away at Bhuntar. This place experiences heavy snow fall during June and thus the Rohtang pass remains close during this time.

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